Commercial Cutlery Exchange

The commercial cutlery exchange program provides professional chefs and cooks with the finest equipment of the trade. Our knives are made of high quality carbon stainless steel, designed specifically for the demands of a commercial kitchen. One of our agents will deliver freshly sharpened knives to your door on a regularly scheduled basis. This saves your business both time and money, as you’ll never have to worry about keeping knives sharp or purchasing expensive knives again. Our experts sharpen your cutlery using a multi-step process that has been fine honed for generations. Furthermore, our top of the line equipment grinds edges to the correct angles for an edge that’s better than new. Finally, we wash and sanitize all knives to ensure hygiene and safety for everyone. The commercial cutlery exchange program is completely customizable for your kitchen’s needs. Our experts work with you to develop a specific set of knives to fit your daily demands. In addition, we can sharpen and replace food processor equipment in your kitchen as well. Our Service Includes:
  • Professional grade cutlery
  • Knife sharpening by trained professionals
  • Weekly knife exchange
Our Products: Sets are completely customizable. Additional options are also available. commercial cutlery exchange